What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Start Immediately?

As you are about to read the information on what is the affiliate, I believe you have some ideas on how to start making money online for free.

One of the way on making money online is to do affiliate marketing.

There are bunches of ways to do affiliate marketing either blogging, social media sharing, YouTube video and anything.

But first we need to know what is affiliate marketing actually?

This is because we want to answer these questions:

  1. Is affiliate marketing a legit way to make money online?
  2. Is affiliate marketing a scam like a forex and rich quick scheme?
  3. Does affiliate marketing profitable to me?
  4. Does affiliate marketing give me a passive income?
  5. Is affiliate marketing still relevant?

In this article, I hope will help you answer those question and making you understand completely what is affiliate marketing is all about.

Affiliate Marketing Bird’s Eyes View

What is Affiliate Marketing actually?

Affiliate marketing is where a seller/product owner using promoter/affiliate marketer to promote their product through the various channel by using a unique link.

Then, if there has a sale through the unique link, it means that promoter’s marketing strategy works and promoter will get some commission.

There has various kind of commission being paid to us (the promoter/affiliate marketer).

Some give very little commission like 2% – 10% such as Amazon.

Some give very high commission like 40% – 75% such as affiliates program in ClickBank.

Some give recurring commission every month/year (where you can get commission each time people keep paying for subscription).

Some give up sell commission (where each time your first time customer buying the up sell product from the same company, and you get the commission too).

(Source: Pinterest)

We can understand briefly on how affiliate marketing works as shown in the infographics above.

So, what you should do to start the affiliate marketing?

These some starter checkpoint that you need in order to start your own affiliate marketing business:

  1. Finding niche/interest (anime, food, smartphone, laptop, etc)
  2. Finding supplier/product owner (Amazon, ClickBank, J-List, Involve Asia, etc)
  3. Create a platform (recommended: website/blog)
  4. Get traffic (Search Engine Optimization SEO, Pay Per Click PPC, Facebook Ads, etc)

These 4 item are the basic things we need to have in order to start our own affiliate marketing business.

So, Lets Get Started…

What do you like? What do you love?

This is the crucial things that we need to consider when starting the affiliate marketing business.

And most of the affiliate marketer stuck at this phase because they do not know what they should focused on.

They afraid that their first decision on interest and niche do not give them any money.

Well, honestly from my experience, everything that at the first time will fail because that failure give us strength to go bigger.

Anyway, we want to reduce the risk of failure as low as possible, so now I will show how I pick a niche.

1. List down my hobbies and my passions

– For the first step, I’ll list down my hobby and my passion.
– These are some of my hobbies (watching anime, reading smartphone reviews, watching tech reviews).
– There are some of my passions (teaching people, love make money)

2. Think of what product related to the interest about

– Next, I’ll think of what kind of product I can sell according to my favourite hobbies and passions
– Anime – I can sell anime merchandise
– Smartphone – I can sell smartphone, accessories
– Tech – I can sell tech products
– Teaching people – I can sell training and classes
– Love make money – I can sell guide and courses on how people can make money

3. Where can I get those products?

– In this phase, I will do some research on how I can sell those products as affiliate marketer.
– Most of the products available on Amazon, so I can sell Amazon products as affiliate marketer.
– For money making products, I can sell products from ClickBank

4. Pick one niche

– Now I’ll pick the most profitable niche.
– After doing some research on Google, selling money making product is the most profitable to me.

These are how I find the best niche for me.

So, how about you? Just follow these step.

After we know what we want to sell, we can create a website and get traffic.

Still Do Not Know What To Sell?

Here I will share some affiliates program that might pique your interest.

1. ClickBank

ClickBank have thousands of products that you can choose.

Health and fitness, Business and Finance, Games, Software, Gardening, Relationship etc.

Most of the products in the ClickBank are in e books or digital products.

Here you will get a lot of commission type as I already told above.

You can get commission as high as 75% per sale.

2. Amazon

Amazon is a worldwide online marketplace that has been around for years.

Anything can be found in the Amazon.

In fact a lot of tech reviewers selling product from Amazon as affiliate.

You can see the description of each tech reviews in the YouTube, they will link you to Amazon products.

That is one way to make money through Amazon.

So, you can register through Amazon Associates as affiliate in order to sell amazon products.

You can start with either one of these affiliate platform.

I do not want to spam all the list of affiliates program here, but for me, these 2 affiliate platform should be enough for me to start.

Affiliate School For Newbies To Become Silent Millionaire…

We all know, every success today comes from what we learn in school.

Your neighbour become a specialist doctor with enormous amount of salary every month because he did well in school and college.

My friend become successful engineer because he did well in university.

So, in order to become successful in affiliate marketing as affiliate marketer, we need to go to school.

But, where is the “affiliate school”?

There has only one perfect affiliate school that teaches us everything from start to end.

From picking the niche until getting sales.

That can be admitted for FREE.

The school called – Wealthy Affiliate

At this school, we will be taught by 100+ online courses.

We can create our affiliate marketing platform which is website for FREE here.

You can read my review on Wealthy Affiliate here.

So, that’s it for this article.

I hope you will learn something from my sharing in this article.

If you have any question, just leave them below and I will answer them.

Thanks for spending time read my article.


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