Wealthy Affiliate – My Deep And Detailed Review

Searching for online courses and training that would help you make money online as an affiliate?

Tired of fake online training that just taking your money without giving a proper way to make money online?

Now, you don’t need to search for any other online training.

Because in this article you will learn that no other online training platform that can beat Wealthy Affiliate.

I Have Been Searching For 2 Years

In 2016, it was my second year in my college and I was broke as hell.


The only source I got money to survive at that time is from my education sponsorship.

I need more money, and the only way to do it was through online since I spent my time committed myself to study. 

So, I’m looking for the best and efficient way to make money online.

Then I found out that local dropshipping was the best for me…….it was the best for me until the competition becomes too stiff and it’s so hard for me to make money.

After a year, I learned about affiliate and there’s a local company that introduced an affiliate program for others.

I’ve made a pretty decent amount of money but there were several complaints I got from others that the product sucks.

So, I don’t know what other things that I can do at that time until recently.
Now, I found the affiliate online course that might give something to me.

The moment I found Wealthy Affiliate, my inner soul shouts as loud as thunder saying “This is what I’m looking for!”

So, what’s so special about Wealthy Affiliate?

I’ll walk you through the article according to these contents.

Jump To:
1. Wealthy Affiliate Short Overview
2. What Is Wealthy Affiliate?
3. Pros & Cons Of Wealthy Affiliate
4. Training & Courses
5. Site Building & Keyword Tool
6. Community Support
7. Membership Options
8. My Final Opinion

Wealthy Affiliate Short Overview

Program Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com
Starter Membership: Free (Join Here)
Premium Membership: $49/month OR $359/year (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rating: 95 out of 100
Who Might Need It?: Newbie – Expert

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

This is my current profile and might have some changes over time.

So, you can follow me on my Wealthy Affiliate account here.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, as the name suggested, it is the place where all the rich and wealthy affiliate were born.

Is that true? Well, yeah. Because almost every day, someone will update a post that they gain a certain amount of money as an affiliate.

What Wealthy Affiliate actually is?
And how they help people like you and me?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches people how to make money online step by step as an affiliate through affiliate marketing.

Not only that, in Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn as much as you want because there are so many knowledge and information that people keep on sharing.

You can learn directly from the owner, Kyle and Carson, through 2 main training.

Also, you can learn from the training that other members of the Wealthy Affiliate share in the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 13 years and almost every week, they’ll hold live classrooms that teach a lot of things.

Since then, Wealthy Affiliate members keep sharing their thought, training and inspiration to another member that give new knowledge about affiliate marketing, every day.

Those are only on the training side.

The other strong point of Wealthy Affiliate is the “caring community” that helping each other, 24/7, either on a personal blog post or live chat.

Other than online courses, Wealthy Affiliate already prepares a platform that you can use to create your own website and do a keyword search.

You don’t need to buy any other keyword search tool and pay a lot of money on website hosting anymore.

Well, that is roughly about Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s take a deep look at what Wealthy Affiliate really is.

Pros & Cons Of Wealthy Affiliate

Every online courses have a bad side.

Even though I said that Wealthy Affiliate has this and that, it doesn’t mean that Wealthy Affiliate is totally superior to any other online courses.

They also have some bad side which might hard to get fix with.

So, these are the pros and cons that I found within Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Complete training courses that cover everything in affiliate marketing
  • Has built-in super-fast-and-safe web hosting
  • Has built-in keyword searching tool
  • Caring and responsive community
  • Up-to-date interface
  • Cheap monthly and yearly fees
  • Reward trip to Las Vegas super affiliate summit every year
  • Direct help from the owner


  • Too many courses, it might be hard for newbies to follow
  • There has some outdated information, yet still can be used
  • Non-mobile-friendly interface

There is a lot on the pros side compared to the cons side.

If you are totally a newbie on making money online, I really suggest you just pick 1 of the main training.

It is because each (out of 2) main training teach almost the same thing but in different focuses.

If you want to sell any product as an affiliate other than money-making products, you should go to first training which is Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC).

And if you love to sell money-making products such as software and ebooks, you can learn from the second main training which is Affiliate Bootcamp.

I’ll show you more detail on the training later on.

Training & Courses

The main focus of the Wealthy Affiliate is the training and courses they provided.

2 Main Training

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

As you can see the image above, the Online Entrepreneur Certification has 5 phase which consists of 10 lessons for each phase (total 50 lessons).

This course suitable for anyone that wants to start their business on what they love and passion about.

You will learn one by one starting from picking the best niche suitable for you, creating a website and make money from it as an affiliate.

But, for starter membership, you will not have access to all 5 phase of training.

You only have access to the 1st phase of the training which is “Getting Started”.

Even though you only have access to “Getting Start” course, I believe you will not complete it in your starter membership.

This is because 10 lesson in “Getting Start” course teaches you a lot of things that you might not know in affiliate marketing.

Let’s take a look on the “Getting Start” lessons.

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

In the first phase, you will be taught a lot of things such as choosing a niche, build your own website, content creation and keyword for search engine optimization.

So, you can imagine what you will learn in the other 4 phases as premium membership later on.

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

Those are the reviews from the Wealthy Affiliate member that obviously take this “Getting Start” course.

So, if you total newbie with zero knowledge but want to make money online?

Go through the “Getting Started” course on the 1st lesson of OEC and you can make your own money-making website.

2. Affiliate Bootcamp

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

As for Affiliate Bootcamp training, there have 7 courses with 10 lessons for each course (total 70 lessons).

Quite a lot of lesson for the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Affiliate Bootcamp training is suitable for those who want to make money in the affiliate marketing niche.

Different from OEC, Affiliate Bootcamp really focused on selling Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate.

Same as OEC, for starter membership only have access to the 1st course which is “Getting Your Business Rolling”.

Let’s take a lot what you will learn in this first course of Affiliate Bootcamp.

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

Since you already decided to sell Wealthy Affiliate or any affiliate marketing product, there is no niche picking lesson in this course.

You will be taught on which direction you should go with, building a website, activate the important plugin, keyword on SEO and product review creation.

What others says about this first course of Affiliate Bootcamp.

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

So, if you don’t have any idea of what you want to sell, you can sell Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate by following the Affiliate Bootcamp training.

The best thing when following these main training, you can take action side by side on what they teach in each lesson.

All the tools that needed in those lessons are already available within Wealthy Affiliate itself.

As an example, when the lesson teaches you about creating a website, you can use SiteRubix platform that already built in within Wealthy Affiliate.

So, you can take action as soon as you learn something in the lessons.

But, I strongly recommend you to not skip the lessons because you will lose a lot of experience and knowledge if you not taking action.

Each lesson will come with tasks and you need to take action in order to complete the task and continue to the next lesson.

Classrooms & Live Video

Those 2 main training still not enough?

Don’t worry, you will have access to 11 more classroom and weekly live video in Wealthy Affiliate

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

If you count one by one on the classroom in the image above, it should be 13 classes.

But, the “Getting Start” and “WA Affiliate Program” are the 2 main training.

There have tons of topic that have been discussed in the classroom.

Whatever you want to know just go to the related classroom that you want to learn.

How about live video?

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

These are some of the live videos that appear on my calendar in Wealthy Affiliate.

As you can see, every Saturday will have live video training that teaches a lot of new things that might be unfamiliar to you.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place to learn about affiliate marketing so you can expect the live video will cover everything about affiliate marketing.

And you can learn the current trend of affiliate marketing in the live video too.

Unfortunately, the classroom and live video only accessible to premium membership.

But don’t worry, I have a SPECIAL BONUS for those who are action taker that want to upgrade to premium membership.

Stay until the end and I’ll show you the bonus.

Site Building & Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate has their own site building platform and keyword tool which help the member to create their own member and get rank into Google.


SiteRubix is a site building platform that member can use to create their own website.

SiteRubix use WordPress.org (which is self-hosted platform) to create a website.

What are the feature that SiteRubix has?

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

These are the feature that SiteRubix offers to Wealthy Affiliate member.

For starter membership, you only have access to half of these features which are the site manager, site builder, site domains and site content.

Those features are enough for starter membership to create a fully functional website.

You also have 2 free websites with .siterubix domain for starter membership.

As a premium membership, you have access to all the feature and you can host up to 50 websites with SiteRubix (25 free .siterubix & 25 custom domain).

So far, I have only created 2 website with SiteRubix.

Site Manager

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

The image above shows the website that I owned within SiteRubix in the Site Manager area.

Site Manager help you to monitor the condition of your website.

One of the features that I love the most in the Site Manager is the Site Health that shows the yellow and red bar.

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

These are the details shown on the Site Health and you can determine which part of your website is lacking off.

Site Builder

Site Builder is the place where you can create your own website.

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

If you do not have any domain and do not want to spend on buying the domain yet (as your site go bigger, you should have your own domain), you can choose to build on a free .siterubix domain.

If you already has a domain on the other platform such as GoDaddy or BlueHost, you can choose to build on a domain that you owned.

And, if you want to build a website with custom domain, you can buy a domain by choose to register a domain with Site Rubix.

You can start creating your own website by inserting the website name that you want in the SiteRubix below.

You can learn more on creating a website on my other post.

Site Domain

You can buy your own custom domain in Site Domain if you do not want to use .siterubix domain.

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

If you have a domain name that registered on the other platform, you can transfer the domain to Wealthy Affiliate in this Site Domain.

Nothing much on the Site Domain since it is about keeping your own custom domain in SiteRubix platform.

Site Content

This is the important part where you need to use frequently since you need to create content for your website.

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

In Site Content, you can create your own content on your website.

There has the word written stats which shows how many words you already write in the site content.

You can use the ready template for certain page and post if you do not have any idea on what you want to write on your website.

When you write your content, there has a button where you can check your grammar before publishing the content to your website.

I would not explain the other 3 feature on SiteRubix since those are for premium member.

Anyway, let’s move on.

Jaaxy The Keyword Tool

Anyone that creates a website really loves organic traffic which is every time people search on a certain keyword on Google, they find your website. 

That is what Jaaxy do.

Jaaxy is a keyword tool that can give you a keyword that you can possibly rank on Google.

Let me show you an example.

(Source: Jaaxy)

When I want to insert the “affiliate marketing niche” keyword in my content, I can do some research in Jaaxy to determine which keyword is the best.

To determine the best keyword, you need to find the keyword that above 40 for AVG (average monthly search) and under 300 for QSR (competitor page).

So, I can use the keyword “affiliate marketing niche” in my content since only have 178 competitor page on Google.

But a little bit harder compared to the keyword “affiliate marketing niche program” that has only 49 competitor page on Google.

You can check your keyword in Jaaxy too by inserting your keyword below.

Community Support

Support is important for affiliate especially for newbies.

This is because, when newbie follows the training and do the task that training provided, they do not know what they do is correct or not.

So, here come community and admin support.

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

First, you have Live Chat which you can ask anything and there will have someone reply to your question since all member has access to Live Chat.

Then, you can ask anything through your own blog by creating a blog post within your Wealthy Affiliate profile.

As for Live Chat, you cannot track the question that you already ask since tons of member keep asking and answering on the Live Chat.

If you ask in the blog post on your Wealthy Affiliate profile, you can track the question and answer that has been done since it is in your profile.

Each training and lessons have their own discussion area and you can ask anything related to the current lesson at that time.

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

You can have a private message with anyone that you like even with Kyle (the owner) himself.

All the support mostly Wealthy Affiliate member will help to answer but sometimes, Kyle and Carson spend their time to answer your question.

Membership Options

There have 2 membership options in Wealthy Affiliate which are Starter Membership and Premium Membership.

Most of the things that I already said above, available for Starter Membership but with Premium Membership, you can have more benefit.

You can refer the image above for the clear comparison.

The price of membership:

  • Starter Membership – FREE
  • Premium Membership – $49/month OR $359/year

If you do not want to spend any money on Premium Membership, you can stay as Starter Membership FOREVER!

But, you really have limited access to training and other Wealthy Affiliate feature which makes you hard to make money online.

If you start to get serious on making money online with Wealthy Affiliate, you can upgrade to Premium Membership like I did.

The best thing is, when you register for Starter Membership, they do not ask for your credit card.

And when you upgrade to Premium Membership, you only pay whenever you want and do not charge to your credit card (since they do not ask for it).

Do Wealthy Affiliate Worth To Join?

Actually it is up to you.

If you believe all the things I said about Wealthy Affiliate and you think Wealthy Affiliate can help you make money online, you can join now.

But, we want prove.

Anything must have prove to show is it really worth it to join certain training or courses, right?

(Source: Littlemama’s WA Post)

This is one of the latest reported by Wealthy Affiliate member that make $4,900+ in August 2018 ALONE!

What if she gain at least half of it every month for entire year (12 month).

$24,000 per year through online business, pretty good right?

You can read the rest of the blog post by clicking the link at the source above.

Want to see more success story?

(Source: JerryHuang’s WA Post)

This is the post that has been shared by JerryHuang, one of Wealthy Affiliate member that make $2,600+ in June.

Can read the rest on the source link above.

So, is it worth to join? Well, yeah!

If you still not sure whether is it worth or not to join Wealthy Affiliate, you can register as FREE Starter Membership first.

If you not satisfy on what Wealthy Affiliate offer, you can leave it.

My Final Opinion

I have been in Wealthy Affiliate quite a while and they help me a lot.

Lot of things I have learnt from Wealthy Affiliate especially on affiliate marketing.

So, join now as a FREE Starter Membership and if you are not satisfied, come to this post and comment below.

As soon as you join the Wealthy Affiliate, you will be given a message personal from me.

Join Wealthy Affiliate As Starter Membership Here


As I promised, I will give SPECIAL BONUS for action taker like you that want to make money online right away with Wealthy Affiliate.

When you register your free account, I will offer you a bonus if you decided to upgrade to Premium Membership in 7 days (including a 59% discount).

When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my “hello” and some more information about WA, how to get help from me, and how to claim your bonus.

That’s it for this article and I hope my long review on Wealthy Affiliate give you opportunity to create an online business for yourself.

Any question can leave below and I’ll response them as soon as possible.

Anyway good luck with your online business journey.

See you in the Wealthy Affiliate pretty soon.

2 comments on “Wealthy Affiliate – My Deep And Detailed Review

  1. Mike

    Wow !That was an awesome review!
    It’s not too often that you read a review that actually answers every question you have , but yours did!

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the best idea for training to make money online ! I can’t believe that you get a free membership that is free for as long as you want!
    And then for only $49 per month you get all the additional training? That’s crazy good !
    I’m gonna have to try this!
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Bibian

    That’s really a detailed and well structured review about wealthy affiliate, I rate it 4 star. Affiliate marketing has always been a means of survival for people that wants working from home. Wealthy Affiliate is always a platform one can always count on because I have been with them for a while now and I make my money from home with less internet knowledge.


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