Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?

Making $8,000 per day is so much easier with Wealth Academy. You don’t need to have any skills and in a few minutes, you’ll easily obtain more than $8,000 per day every day!

Is it true? What if Wealth Academy is another scam program? How can you make that amount of money with Wealth Academy? Let’s find out more on this article.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?

Don’t be mistaken, this is Wealth Academy from wealthacademy.click produced by Richard. I know there have other several programs using Wealth Academy as their program name. But in this article, I want to focus on Wealth Academy by Richard.


This program review is my own opinion. My opinion comes from my own knowledge or research that has been done for quite some time. I’ll deliver the best-unbiased review about this program so that you could make your own decision. Anyway, your own decision is the most important.


Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?

Program Name: Wealth Academy
Website: wealthacademy.click (Not Affiliate Link)
Price: $24.95 + Upsells (total $495.95)
Owner: Richard (Pen Name)
My Recommendation: NO! Don’t buy this overpriced program.


Wealth Academy is a program that helps you to make so much money in a very short period of time. I believe you’ve already watched the sales video on their sales page, right? If you haven’t watched yet, let’s take a few minutes to watch their video below to get a rough picture about this program.

So, I’ll show you the surface and inside part of this program. You want to know on the inside of this program, right? But, at least you need to have a rough idea what’s the surface of this program first.

Surface Of Wealth Academy

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?

Well, the surface part mostly already explained in the sales video above. But, I’ll point out the main important things that he said in the video. These main things might give you ideas how you could make $8,000 and more per day easily!

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?With Wealth Academy, you’ll be using their “brand new” way to make money with only 1 “cash-rich” website. Imagine by using this website, you could make more than $8,000 per day! It’s crazy, right?

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?The best thing is, you don’t need to have any experience, no need technical skills and no need to spend the budget on drive traffic. So, normal people can make $8,000 per day easily with Wealth Academy. What??

Can you believe, you can make so much money per day without any skills and experience at all? You already know, to get rich, you need to have at least a few skills and experience. But, Wealth Academy “finally” found a “brand new” way to make money online easily!

What’s the “brand new” way actually? Richard said it’s nothing related to Facebook, Google, online survey, eBay, blogging, crypto gambling, and not even MLM. The so-called “brand new” way is doing affiliate marketing using Amazon!

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?Surprisingly, affiliate marketing started way back to 1994 at the era Internet was born. It’s so much older than any other ways. Cryptocurrency is the most current way to make money online but it’s not a safe way to make money. Cryptocurrency more like a gambling money.

So, the “brand new” way is not really new. It’s much older than any other ways to make money online. Harsh truth is, you’ll not making much money with affiliate marketing especially with Amazon because commission Amazon will give you so small.

That’s it what Richard told you in the video. Most of the video is about his life story and very long emotional video. This is to grab your attention and want you to buy this product without thinking much. Well, this strategy works since most of us do purchase decision based on emotion.

Inside Of Wealth Academy

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?

This part is the most important part that you want to know, right? In the sales video, Richard tells nothing except emotional-driven words. So, in this part, I’ll show you briefly what’s inside the Wealth Academy so that you’ll have some idea how this program works.

I’ll share you a Youtube video from Ipoop Cash about the inside of Wealth Academy. He shows you everything inside the Wealth Academy especially the training provided.

On the sales video, Richard said you’ll make money by using 1 cash-rich website, right? Well, yeah. You’ll be given a done-for-you website to get started with. Since it’s a done-for-you website, you don’t need to care about the domain and hosting.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?But, is it good to use a done-for-you website?

For me, it depends on how you bring your business. Making extra money and don’t even think to get consistent money, it’s good to have done-for-you website. But, if you want to have consistent money and make a living with making money online, you should start creating your own website.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?Other than done-for-you website, you’ll have an access to countless basic outdated affiliate marketing training. All training is from 3 –  5 years ago. The fundamentals are the same but the interface of marketing platform is way different nowadays.

Here is the list of training you’ll learn in Wealth Academy:

  • Wealth Academy 1.0 – Retrieve your done-for-you website
  • Wealth Academy 2.0 – Overview affiliate marketing
  • Wealth Academy Pro Version – Briefly on Social Media Marketing and traffic
  • Wealth Academy Social – All about setting up social media for marketing

The sales video tells you that Wealth Academy nothing to do with Facebook, right? Ironically, Wealth Academy teaches you how to do social media marketing on Facebook! They teach you how to get free traffic from Facebook. So, in the end, you need to use Facebook to make money online.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?The last thing you need to know is, the upsells. The sales video tells you could make money online with a very small price, right? Yes, the first price is cheap which $24.95 and you’ll get the cheapest content that available for free on the Internet.

So, this program is not perfect just paying the small price. You need to pay more to access more training and tricks. Don’t be surprised because upsells is common in business. But, Wealth Academy charge you way more than you can afford and has 3 levels of upsells.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?

Whopping $197 for the first upsell. That’s 7 times more than the first price of Wealth Academy. And still, you might learn nothing since the most important part in affiliate marketing is free traffic. The free traffic is in upsell 2 and upsell 3 with cost you a little bit more.

So, in total, you’ll need to pay $495.95 just to make a few cents a day. And there’s no guarantee you could make money even though you buy all the upsells. So, if you want to buy all the upsells, try it at your own risk.

That’s it all about the surface and inside of Wealth Academy. There should have a few things I miss about this program. But, these are all the main points that I think it’s important for you especially for a beginner.

Well, now let’s take a look at how this program works.


Wealth Academy teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. It’s easy to understand affiliate marketing. Let me bring you to step by step on how you could make money online with Wealth Academy through affiliate marketing.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?First, of course, you’ll need to have a website. Luckily, Wealth Academy already provides you with a free done-for-you website to get started. You don’t need to do anything on the free website anymore. Just use it and make money from it if possible.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?Then, you’ll need to include affiliate links. In the Wealth Academy, you’ll need to register for Amazon Associates since they recommend you to start with Amazon. Amazon has millions of products and buyers. So, it’s great they teach you to start with Amazon.

Unfortunately, Amazon gives very little commission for their affiliates. The average commission they give you is 4% for every product sold through your affiliate link. You can check it out on their Amazon Associate website about the commission rate.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?Now you just need to have some people visit your site and buy the product you’re promoting from Amazon. So, you need to do traffic generation to bring people to your site. Fortunately, Wealth Academy teaches you how to get free traffic through social media.

To get traffic from social media is easy. Just sharing your content from your website to the social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter. When people want to know more about the product you’re promoting on social media, they’ll go to your website and buy the product.

That’s how to get money online as an affiliate. Setting up a website, get your affiliate links from any affiliate program provider (in this case, Amazon Associate) then promote your link to any free platform including social media platform. It’s easy to understand, right?


Well, you already know why I would not suggest you buy Wealth Academy, right?

Wealthy Academy is just a compilation of basic affiliate marketing information that put together as a training. It’s okay for some people to buy the basic program, but Wealth Academy give something worst than basic which is all the training is OUTDATED!

You could have way more suitable training online for free on affiliate marketing. Just search on Youtube or Google how to make money with affiliate marketing, there will have a lot of people willing to teach all the basic things for free.

But, that’s not the only reason why I don’t suggest this program to you. Tons of things I hate with Wealth Academy.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?

  1. Outdated affiliate marketing training – Give a bad impression about affiliate marketing business
  2. Full of lies – You can’t make more than $1,000 a day with just Amazon Associate
  3. Done-for-you website – Not suitable for a long-term business
  4. Upsells – Overpriced upsells make it hard for a beginner to get started
  5. It’s not a brand new way – Affiliate marketing is not a new way to make money

But, not all bad in things program. I found several things that are good for a beginner if you’re willing to pay a lot of money for this program.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?

  1. Have 60 days refund – Can request for refund easily
  2. Got a brief idea how Wealthy Academy works – He already tells about affiliate marketing in the video

There you have it. There are more on the bad side of this program. I don’t think you could make any money with this program. Especially you won’t make $8,000 per day as they claim in the sales video with affiliate marketing.

The last question that needs to be answered is, is Wealth Academy a scam?

Obviously not a scam because they provide you correct information about affiliate marketing. It’s just the information provided is outdated. Wealth Academy teaches you to make money legally through affiliate marketing.

Even though Wealth Academy is not a scam, I would not suggest this program to anyone, especially for a beginner. THE ANSWER IS NO! There is another program that gives better information about affiliate marketing.


My opinion is not enough to convince you, right? My opinion could be bias since I want to show you there’s no legit program except the program I’m promoting, right? Well, it’s okay to be suspicious about my opinion since you don’t know me and I don’t know you.

So, to harden my opinion, I gather a few others opinions on Wealth Academy. Let’s read what others said about this program.

Despite the fact that you have some idea of how you’ll be making money with this system, I believe there are enough red flags in this program that would stop me from recommending this program to anyone.
Stephanie, PreciousNewStart.com

Of course you can buy into this if you would like, I am certainly not going to stop you, but this is definitely not something I would recommend to any of my readers.
Kyle, Kyles-Blog.com

I would not say that this is a scam such, but you are being overcharged to the point where you have to question the moral fibre of the person who created this.
Philip, Ipoopcash.com

These 3 opinions should be good enough to convince you that this program is not great to get started with especially for a beginner.

There is no easy way to make a fortune a day except gambling. But, gambling has a very high risk. Still, you can’t make consistent money with gambling. So, there’s no other way to learn and do the hard work until you make very consistent money every month.


Wealth Academy is great if they insert latest and updated techniques for affiliate marketing. It’s not a great move to put outdated things into the platform when the program itself launched on 1 October 2018. Everything must be new and updated.

So, if you want to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing, you can click the image below. I’ll show you my progress with my recommended affiliate training program. This program teaches me a lot about affiliate marketing.

I don’t know anything about making money online until I join this program. I don’t know how to rank in Google, I don’t know about free traffic, Search Engine Optimization and I don’t even know what is affiliate marketing.

So, you could learn a lot too in this program. The program is Wealthy Affiliate. Check it up by clicking the image below.

Thanks for spending your time read my article. If you have any question, please leave them below. I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?

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17 comments on “Wealth Academy Review: Scam Or Easily $8k/Day Program?

  1. Danny

    The initial price of this program doesn’t look too bad ($24) however once you factor in the up-sells I completely agree with you that it is overpriced for what you get. I completely agree that affiliate marketing isn’t anything new, and anyone who tries pretending that it is is definitely not being completely honest. Did you find anything at all within this training that was a new technique or approach? 

    1. Merazmi Post author

      Nope, there’s nothing new in Wealth Academy. The social media marketing techniques are the same as you can find anywhere on the Internet. Just share the link to any page and group in the social media platform. The affiliate network that they recommend to use is Amazon which is not a new thing at all. So, nothing new. If you dig deeper about this program, you’ll find that this program is similar as Smart Money program.

      Thanks for commenting. Hope this article give lesson to those trying to learn how to make fast money. 

  2. Dave Hayes

    I had never heard of Wealth Academy, before reading this post.
    Clearly you have done a ton of research before writing this, because of the detailed content, which I have to say, I found very interesting in the way you have diescted the site to provide a rare thing online these days… Transparency

    I took a look at your #1recommendation, quite naturally because by reading the article you guide your reader then, rather than trying to sell it… again another good point

    Enjoyed the read and have shared it on twitter & Google+ as well : )

  3. Glen

    My opinion is that using replicated websites to promote someone else’s product is a waste of money and time. But if someone has time and money to waste, that’s their choice. I believe in taking time to learn and do it right the first time. Internet marketing is not easy to begin with and marketers make mistakes. It’s best to learn from mistakes made and move on. Worse yet are the programs that make it sound easy to make $8K a day. It’s not.

    1. Merazmi Post author

      If this program can make someone obtain $8k a day, I think, CEO of big companies will retire and play with Wealth Academy since they can get rich without much effort. hahaha

  4. Dave Hayes

    A very informative and interesting review on a site I hadn’t heard of before reading this.

    You have obviously researched this well before writing the content, as its reflective in what you have written

    I was quite naturally guided to look at your #1recommendation and would wholeheartedyly say that in terms of bloog hosting and training, its a good recoemmendation, bearing in mind some of the poor wordpress hosting and social media training available

    1. Merazmi Post author

      Thanks for commenting. It’s for my reader sake. I want to go as deeper as I can so that my reader can clearly understand what they need to know 🙂

  5. Jurgen

    Thanks for getting to the bottom of this program! I almost mistaked it for another program which almost has the same name.

    The world of internet marketing sometimes feels like the Wild West, as you see how many of these programs are out there trying got get a piece of the pie, by luring inexperience people into their sales funnels.

    Luckily guys like you are out there and watching our backs!

    1. Merazmi Post author

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, they just trying to make money from inexperience people that totally don’t know nothing about make money online.

  6. Jennifer David

    Thank you for the heads up on this affiliate program.  

    I had not heard of Wealth Academy until reading you article and due to all the cons you have raised it is a defo no. no. for me.

    The fact that you mentioned the out dated training,  The over priced up-sell,  and that most if not all of this offer is a lie.  

    What made you think that the affiliate program is a lie?

    So what affiliate program would you recommend if any?

    Thank you for sharing


    1. Merazmi Post author

      The affiliate program is not lie. It’s legit program. You could make money with affiliate program. Just make sure to find the best one.

      If you want to learn legit and proven way about affiliate program, you can have a look on Wealthy Affiliate.

      There are also other affiliate marketing training that are legit and updated out there.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. glenda

    Hi  Merazmi,

    Thanks for sharing a review on Wealth Academy by Richard! It sound like too good to be true for a new member to earn that kind of amount right away. What it didn’t suit me well is the upsell. It’s the one thing that I have to check before going into business with these kinds of online marketing.


    1. Merazmi Post author

      The upsell is totally mind blowing! Who the hell want to pay 7 times higher than the first price for the first upsell? It’s crazy lol. Thanks for commenting btw 🙂

  8. Loes

    Hi Merazmi, I am very glad with people like yourself, who take the effort to review these different programs. I have watched the video partly, I clicked it away because I almost got an allergic reaction from it. When it really is that easy to earn $8000 a day, (the majority of the world population do not even earn that amount a year), then all my neighbors would drive in a jaguar by now. When it sounds too good to be true, it often is too good to be true. I have read more reviews on your website. The Five Minute Profit claims you can earn $519/Day. That would be an income of $1.89435,- a/y. I say, when I see that kind of advertising — RUN! Don’t buy this crap!

  9. andrejs

    The first I have not read it properly and think that you are talking about Wealthy Affiliate University instead of Wealthy Academy. Honestly, I even did not watch any of Youtube videos of this program.

     I consider it as time wasting activity. When I read about a possibility to make $8K per day even for the beginner then it is definitely BS. I am just wondering about those guys how cheeky they lie.

     My opinion is to stay away from this offer.

    1. Merazmi Post author

      Hahaha… I have a review about Wealthy Affiliate but I need to renew that review since WA has updated a few features. Anyway thanks for commenting 🙂


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