JBOX Affiliate – Should You Start Selling Anime Merchandise With JBOX?

Watching too much anime and reading manga sure makes your money runs out quickly. Especially if you subscribe to Netflix or Crunchyroll to watch anime. Well, you might have a normal day to day job that you could make a living out of it.

But, what if you could make a lot of money by selling anime merchandise as an affiliate? Selling something that you love to do even though you don’t own them, is a great way to make money, right?

You can start selling anime merchandise as an affiliate. But should you start with JBOX? Well, in this article I’ll explain in detail what is JBOX and what JBOX can offer you as their affiliate.

I’ll go through according to this list. 

1. Program Information
2. Pros & Cons
3. The Commission & Payout Rule
4. Training & Affiliate Support
5. My Honest Advice

Program Information – 65 points

JBOX is a division under J-List, selling all-ages anime merchandise products from Japan. While J-List, selling adult products. J-List is an online retailer of Japanese goods especially anything related to anime and manga for consumer outside Japan.

J-List has been around since 1996 and the founder is an American, Peter Payne. The office is in Isesaki, Gunma, Japan. Since JBOX is under J-List (just different age target), I’ll focus more on JBOX. The interface of the affiliate program is totally similar for both.

JBOX Products

So, what JBOX sells to their customer? The focus of JBOX and J-List are to sell the anime related product for consumer outside Japan, so the currency used is in USD. There are several categories that available in JBOX are:

1.    Books & magazines
2.    Figures & toys
3.    Games & anime
4.    Doujin & Touhou
5.    Snacks & food
6.    Cosplay & Apparel
7.    Home & traditional

All products in JBOX are from Japan. Most of the products are in-stock. They’ll proceed to ship as soon as customer complete their payment. But, for the latest product especially figurines are pre-order and customer needs to wait more than 1 month for the item being shipped from Japan.

The quality of the products is the best since the product come from Japan itself. As an otaku, you should know that most figurines and any anime related merchandise originally come from Japan, right? They have regular anime and manga festival such as Comiket. Well, since the quality is good, the price also pretty high.

The Kurumi Tokisaki figurines above are pre-order and will be released from Japan in February 2019. The price is $160 which is pretty expensive especially for a pre-order product. But, is the customers really value the quality and the art of the figurine, the price might not really a problem for them.

You’ll be surprised when you found out JBOX not only selling figurines, they also sell snack. If you already watch Himouto Umaru-chan, you know that Umaru love snacks and JBOX sell a lot of snacks and food from Japan.

You can learn more about the product they offer on their website – jbox.com.

How To Sell Their Product?

JBOX and J-List offer affiliate program that let you sell their product using affiliate links. Once you sign up for JBOX affiliate program, you also eligible to sell products from J-List too.

You’ll be given the affiliate link as above. But, they don’t provide the affiliate link directly to the product that you’re trying to sell. The link given is direct to JBOX home page.

In JBOX affiliate area, there is a tab as shown above. Honestly, some of them don’t have any information. My programs, banners and coupons show nothing.

There is not much information that will help you with your affiliate marketing when you are becoming their affiliate. I’ll go into detail about training and support from JBOX to their affiliate later.

Pros & Cons – 60 point

Every affiliate program will have the good and bad since all of them are not perfect. Some affiliate program might suitable for you, some might not. So, pros and cons are the indicators for you whether you should proceed with the program or not. If you can bear the cons, you can go on with it.

The pros:

1.    Focused niche – anime, otaku (not many competitors)
2.    High commission – 10% per sale
3.    Free affiliate registration
4.    Simple interface

The cons:

1.    Lack of training and support
2.    Too many bad reviews from customer
3.    A lot of affiliate information content not up to date
4.    High balance required for commission pay-out – $25 at least
5.    Expensive product
6.    The pre-order product takes too much waiting time

The Commission & Payout Rule – 70 point

Before registering the JBOX affiliate program, you’ll found the commission statement at the bottom of the page. You will get 10% commission per sale when selling JBOX product through the given affiliate link.

10% commission is high especially for physical product. Let say you sell a Kurumi Tokisaki figurine which is $160 each, 10% from a sale is $16. Imagine 1 month you sell 20 Kurumi Tokisaki figurines, you’ll earn $320. That’s pretty great!

They can give you a high commission because the price of the product itself is expensive. But, you can’t get the money right away since you need at least $25 minimum in your affiliate account balance before withdrawing.

Training & Affiliate Support – 50 point

Training is not necessary for any affiliate program but if there has any, it would be great. For JBOX affiliate, they have zero training to their affiliate and you need to do affiliate marketing on your own.

However, they give some information that might useful for you.

The information is given in the support portal more towards to the customer, not affiliate. But at least you can use to answer your customer question. There is a “submit a ticket” in the support portal which you can ask anything related to affiliate or JBOX to them.

My Honest Advice

Overall, JBOX affiliate program is pretty bad. If you’ve noticed, I’ve put several points on each topic to indicate the criteria for this affiliate program good or not. So, in total average, 60 points for JBOX affiliate program.

60 point is way below my passing mark for good affiliate program. My passing mark is 70 point. So, do I recommend JBOX affiliate for you? No. Don’t start your first affiliate program with JBOX affiliate.

You might struggle a lot if you start with JBOX. Instead of being an affiliate to JBOX, you can start with Amazon since they also have some anime stuff in their marketplace. Well, they might not have so many products that related to anime, but it is a very good place to start.

Final GearBest Associate Overview

Program Name: JBOX Affiliate
Website: www.jbox.com/affiliates
Overall Rating: 60 out of 100 (Bad, Not Recommended)


If you have any question, please leave them below so that I can reply as soon as possible. I know there might have some incorrect information about JBOX Affiliate and if you found one, please tell me in the comment below.

I am curious to know which part that I’m lacking and at least I can improve my writing to give the best value of content to my beloved reader.

Thank you read until the end, I really appreciate your effort.

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