Income League Review: Scam Program That Makes $1k/Day?

Do Matthew Neer making $1k per day using Income League system? Is it true all the wealthiness he shows off in the promotional video comes from Income League?

How you too can be like him in a short period of time? And do I really recommend this program for a total newbie like you?

Well, in this Income League review, I’ll show you all the things that you need to know before buying this program. This review will answer all your questions about Income League.


This program review is my own opinion. My opinion comes from my own knowledge or research that has been done for quite some time. I’ll deliver the best-unbiased review about this program so that you could make your own decision. Anyway, your own decision is the most important.


Income League Review: Scam Program That Makes $1k/Day?

Program Name: Income League
Price: $47 + Upsells (total $493)
Owner: Matthew Neer
My Recommendation: NO, It’s doesn’t really work!


Matthew Neer talking to one of the affiliate marketer, Jamie Lewis, on how he making so much money every day through a system called Income League. He makes average $1,000 per day with tiny little ads. You can watch the promotional video below:

So, I’ll show you the surface part and the hidden part of this system. Then, you’ll understand what’s Income League really is.

Surface Part Of Income League

The surface part is basically about what he already told in the promotional video. But the whole point of the video is to tell you that he makes so much money with his own program which is Income League.

He walks around the world, driving a very nice car and having a good girl (well, he only show that girl’s body, not face) with the money he gains from Income League. But, is it true he obtain that wealthiness through Income League?

Well, after doing some research about this guy, I found out he produces a lot of program in the money-making niche. And surprisingly, I’ve already reviewed 1 of his program which is Viral Cash App. Let me list down other programs he owned:

  1. Viral Cash App – 2018
  2. 5k Formula System – 2016
  3. Wealth Ascension  – 2017
  4. Speed Wealth Commission – 2017
  5. Fan Page Cash Flow – 2014
  6. Bing Your Ads – 2017

So, what I want to say is, he might making money by selling all his “low quality” program every year to make a lot of money online. I don’t say those a bad program (well most of them I haven’t reviewed yet), but why each year, he came out with a new program that claims to help you making money online?

Let say the Wealth Ascension is a good money-making program, why not focusing on Wealth Ascension and update the new things frequently in this program? Why does he need to literally introduce a new program in the same niche?

And, the money he shows you in the Income League video, most probably came from selling his own product which obviously so easy for him to sell since he is the owner, right?

Okay, let’s say he truly making money with Income League, he said by setting up the “tiny little ads” in the Income League to automatically promote online, he makes $1k per day. Is it true? What if he already has a lot of email list?

If you’ve noticed, before making payment for this system, he wants your email address. This is his secret. When he gets your email address, even though you’re not buying his product, he can keep sending follow up email until you buy.

Same goes with this program. He can keep promoting and follow up his email list with any program he owned in ClickBank and make money from it. What if he already has thousands or millions email list? Making $1k per day is not impossible at all.

The worst part for the surface of Income League, he doesn’t show clearly how the system works. He only talks about how much he makes money and a very brief explanation of how the system works.

Hidden Part Of Income League

How about the hidden part? What will you get if you end up joining Income League? I’ve found 1 Youtube video from Ipoop Cash reviewing Income League program from the inside.

After you buy Income League program, you’ll have an access to a few good training videos which teaches you how to set up ClickBank account, how to set up opt-in form, how to set up an autoresponder, traffic generation and stuff.

I would say all the training inside Income League are good and reasonable. But, is it good enough to make money today? Yeah, it’s good but you can’t get a lot of money especially when you’re still a beginner in making money online.

The products that you’ll use are from ClickBank. So, you need to become an affiliate marketer for several suggested products in ClickBank. Well, honestly some of ClickBank products are not really good and low-quality product.

In the Income League, you’ll be given 1 landing page which will be your main page to set up opt-in form to collect email list. You’ll be taught on how to promote your landing page (which is your “tiny little ads”) to several platforms:

  1. WarriorForum
  2. Classified
  3. Solo Ads
  4. Adhitz

Overall, I would say that the training and stuff he shows you in the Income League is legit, but there have some flaws. Yes, you could make money but you need to consider a lot of costs to get started. You’ll not only pay for the membership, but you’ll also need to pay a lot more on other stuff.

To create an opt-in form, you’ll need an autoresponder. The autoresponder that has been suggested in Income League is GetResponse which is $15/month (the cheapest plan).

Income League Review: Scam Program That Makes $1k/Day?

Then, to promote your landing page, you’ll need to pay for Solo Ads which is from Udimi. The cost so high for a beginner and no guarantee of making any sale with Solo Ads. You can see the image above. The price for 50 visitors to your landing page costs you about $38.

And, to get full access to all advanced training and feature in the Income League, you’ll need to pay for upsells which might cost you a lot. Below is the upsells for Income League.

Income League Review: Scam Program That Makes $1k/Day?

So, in total, you’ll need to pay at least a few $100+ to make a penny with this system. If you end up buying this product, I hope you’re fully prepared to face with all the hidden part inside Income League.


“Okay, now tell me how Income League actually helps me making money? How it works?”

The process of making money with Income League is so simple and easy to understand. Matthew already prepares a few videos to guide you step by step on how to make money with Income League. The method he shows is totally legal but not really suitable for a newbie.

First, set up your ClickBank account. Then, set up your landing page with an opt-in form from GetResponse and your affiliate link. Next, promote your landing page to any platform that he suggests in Income League.

Once someone buys your product through your affiliate link, you’ll get a commission from ClickBank. Easy right?

So, what you waiting for, go sign up Income League and make money right now (if you really can make money with it…hehe).


In the previous section, I’ve already explained the flaws in the Income League program. But, in case you miss it, I’ll show you all the things I don’t like about Income League.

  1. Potential fake income that has been shown in the promotional video
  2. Hard to make a profit because requires to spend a lot of money before making a penny
  3. Teach to sell a low-quality product in money making niche
  4. Only 1 landing page, need to pay if to access more choices
  5. There has several upsells cost a lot more

Well, there are a few things that I really like about Income League:

  1. The training is legit and you can make money with it
  2. There has 60 days refund from ClickBank

Income League Review: Scam Program That Makes $1k/Day?But, the negative side is too much for me and I’ll not recommend this program to any of you especially if you’re a beginner at making money online. Well, you can try if you want to since this program has 60 days refund if you’re not happy with this product.


My words are not enough to show how bad this program is. So, let me share to you what others said about this program.

It’s a shame because Matthew and Jamie are real people who do make a lot of money online, and if they taught you the real methods they could definitely help you make money. Unfortunately that is not going to happen because instead you are being taught about “little websites” that won’t deliver real results.

At the same time, that’s the problem with these systems, instead of teaching you how to build these landing pages, they make you buy theirs for hundreds.

It’s entirely possible to make that kind of money with enough hard work and dedication, but Income League won’t help you get there at all.

Those 3 reviews from others should be good enough for you to really understand that Income League is not a good product especially for a beginner. Well, don’t worry. I’ve 1 program that is legitimate and would help you making money online.


I have 1 money making program that very suitable for a newbie like you. You could learn from the beginning such as pick your best product until making millions through affiliate marketing. But, this program doesn’t promise you overnight success. You still need to do a lot of work.

Honestly, you’ll not earn a fortune overnight with this program. And, you’re most likely never make a penny in your first month as an affiliate marketing. This is because you need to learn a lot of things. But, believe me, as time goes, you’ll learn a lot of things that are new to you and you’ll be making money in no time.

Experience and knowledge are important in making money online. What you want with making money online is a consistent source of income that can stabilize your life. I don’t want you to do one-shot income which only gives you money once.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about it, click the image below. I’ll show you the inside of the program and what you’ll get as a FREE member. I’ll show you my overall progress as one of the member in this program.

Thanks for reading my reviews about Income League. Hope this review clears up your uncertainty about this program.

Income League Review: Scam Program That Makes $1k/Day?

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