How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

So many people out there promoting Amazon and ClickBank product, right? They are making Youtube video, a blog and social media sharing talk about the product that they might not be using it.

Sometimes, you might be wondering, do they really use all the product they reviewing, right? Then after the review, they’ll suggest you buy the product from Amazon, right?

Do you know, once you buy a product from the Amazon through their link, they will get commissions from Amazon? That’s an affiliate marketing. Just bring people to click the link and buy the product, then you’ll get a commission.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

You want to make money through affiliate marketing too, right? You love to talks about your hobbies, you love to write about your passions and you want to make money from it, right?

Well, in this article I’ll explain to you what’s exactly affiliate marketing and how you can make so much money with affiliate marketing legally.



First of all, what is affiliate marketing? Unconsciously, you’re already familiar a bit with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is everywhere nowadays. It’s just people do affiliate marketing in various ways. Some use a blog, a few use Youtube and others use mobile apps.

Even some big company using affiliate marketing strategy as their business model. If you’re familiar with Trivago, a mobile app for hotel booking, they use affiliate marketing strategy. Every time people booking the hotel through this app, Trivago will get commissions from the hotel they partner with.

But, how common people like you and me making money with affiliate marketing? You might don’t know how to create an app, right? Don’t worry, there is a bunch of ways how normal people can make money with affiliate marketing.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

For example, when you’re trying to find some information about the latest and best laptop for your money, you’ll search on Google. Then, Google will show you a few websites talks about the best laptop, right.

If you’ve noticed, at the end of each site, they’ll include links to Amazon for you to buy the product directly. That’s how they make money. Every time people buys the product through their Amazon link, they’ll get commissions.

So, you already have a rough idea of how affiliate marketing works, right? It’s simple. Find an affiliate program that provides you with the product you want to promote, then bring people to click your affiliate link and buy the product. It’s easy, right?

The concept about affiliate marketing is easy but to make it works, it’s so hard. You’ll need to learn a lot of things before you can make a decent amount of money with affiliate marketing.

Let me show you how you can make money with affiliate marketing.


There has 5 basic step you ‘ll need to go through to start affiliate marketing. It’s easy and you can start today. I’ll go through according to this list:

  1. Find Your Niche
  2. Create A Website
  3. Find An Affiliate Program
  4. Create A Content
  5. Drive Traffic

In this article, I’ll go through briefly about all the basic things above. But, you don’t need to worry. I’ll link you to dedicated post about each of the basic steps.

Find Your Niche

To start any business, you need to know what is your starting niche. Niche is a part of sub-category in certain industries. But, sometimes niche also can be defined as a specific group of people that has some interest in something similar

For example, when browsing around the Amazon site, you’ll find the categories tab. Each of the categories can be defined as a niche. And the sub-categories can also be a niche such as a laptop mouse sub-category.

Then, what about the niche that focuses on a specific group of people? Okay, let me show you the example. A group of your colleague in your office can be a niche. You can sell a lot of things to them. You can sell clothes, toiletries, books and anything related to them.

So, how to choose your niche? It’s easy. List down at least 10 things that you love to do and have experience with. Then pick the one that you really love to do and willing to spend time the most with. You can read more detail on my dedicated post about finding a niche below.

How To Pick A Suitable Niche To Start A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Create A Website

Why would you need to have a website? Can you make money with affiliate without having a website? Do you need new skills to create a website?

Yes, you really need a website because you want to build a long-term and consistent income with affiliate marketing, right? But, of course, you can make money with affiliate marketing without having a website. You can spread your affiliate link everywhere you want without creating any website.

But, I pretty sure you will not make any cents with affiliate marketing easily without having a website. People buy things is totally different from a long time ago. They want information. And having a website, you can share the information before they buy something.

That’s why you need a website. So, is it hard to create a website? Totally no. You don’t have any extra hard skill to create a website. In fact, you can create a website for 1 minute. Go to my other post to create your own website now.

How To Create An Amazing Free Blog Under Than A Minute

Find An Affiliate Program

Now you have a niche that you want to focus on and you have your own website. The next step, you need to find at least 1 affiliate program. Finding affiliate program is important since you want to make money as many as you can.

Some affiliate program offers very high commission up to 70% per sale. But be careful since they might offer a very low-quality product. Others offer as low as 1% commission per sale but they provide a very high-quality product.

There is 1 affiliate program that can give you a countless high-quality product which is Amazon. Amazon has an affiliate program which is Amazon Associates. This allows newbies to start selling product from Amazon through affiliate marketing.

You already know Amazon is a well-known company and there’s millions of buyer that keep buying something in Amazon. So, why not start your affiliate marketing with Amazon? You can get a lot of buyers since they already trust and know Amazon.

So, go to Amazon Associate and register as an affiliate now.

Create A Content

Content is a common and effective way to tell people something. Having a website means that you need to have some content. A naked website without anything is not really a website. If you browsing around the tech review website, they have a lot of content there.

So, you also need to create lots and lots of content. As you can see in this website, Article Affiliate, I’ve created consistent content every week. To create a content is easy if you already know what to tell people. That’s why you need to choose something you love as your niche.

As you already know, people nowadays don’t buy something without clearly what it is. They want to know the review of any product they want to buy. They want to know the product is good or not. So, this is your job. You need to create comprehensive content that gives value to people.

Once they love your content and your content helps them to decide what they want to buy, they’ll buy the product through your affiliate link. Then you’ll get a commission.

How To Create A High-Quality Keyword-Focused Content

Drive Traffic

For me, this step is the most important thing in any business including affiliate marketing. No matter how good your product and how powerful your content, if no one wants to know about it, you’ll get nothing. Traffic is the king in any business.

So what is traffic actually? Traffic is people that interest to your business. In affiliate marketing, you have a website, so you need to have lots of traffic to come to your website. This is because, when a lot of traffic visit your website, the possibility to get commissions as an affiliate is high.

How to drive traffic to your website? Here are several ways that you can learn and apply:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO – the best free traffic)
  2. Social media (FB, IG, Twitter – also free traffic)
  3. Youtube (free traffic through video content)
  4. Google Adwords (Google paid traffic)
  5. FB Ads (FB paid traffic)
  6. Solo Ads (Udimi paid traffic)

And there’s a lot of other ways to drive traffic to your website. But, my top recommendation is through SEO.

This is because, every time people try to search something through certain keyword, and your content on your website has that keyword, they’ll find your website and go through your website. This is SEO. Totally free and organic traffic.


“Wait, I need to do all these stuff for affiliate marketing?”

Yes, you really need to do all this. It is really time-consuming. To do all this is easy and you’ll have a lot of information out there to guide you how to do all this properly. But, honestly, I would say, it is really time-consuming.

You need to spend a lot of time to build your affiliate marketing business. But the worst part is, you are on your own. Most affiliate marketers fail at the beginning because they have no guidance. They don’t have any mentor or friends to tell them what to do.

The best part is, they don’t even know what they do is right or wrong. They learn all by themselves and think that they can make it happen. But at the end, after a few months, they’re wasting their time. Their websites never got into Google list.

I know what all the things I’ve told you above still not enough. You need more detail and specific information regarding the step on starting an affiliate marketing business. So, you can go through to the links below:

  1. How To Pick A Suitable Niche To Start A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business
  2. How To Create An Amazing Free Blog Under Than A Minute
  3. How To Create A High-Quality Keyword-Focused Content

But trust me, this information still not enough. You need to have a proper step by step training and guidance from someone that already make something in affiliate marketing. So, I suggest you check out my recommended affiliate marketing training by click the image below.

I’ll bring you to my landing page that tells you all the things you need to prepare to become successful in affiliate marketing. You can try the affiliate marketing training for free for 7 days.

I will not promise you that you’ll get a lot of money in a short period of time. But, I can assure that you can make consistent money with affiliate marketing especially when you go through the training that I recommend to you.

Thanks for reading this article until the end. If you have any question, feel free to leave them below.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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