How To Do Keyword Research For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword research is really important for your website to be found on Google especially when you want your website to be displayed on Google’s first page for a certain keyword.

You’ve created a brand new website for your affiliate marketing, you’ve done a few contents and now you want to know the keyword that people often search in order to find your content.

As a beginner, you might feel overwhelmed to learn about the keyword search but in the meantime, you’ll know how important the keyword research and how it will affect your website.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can do keyword research by using Jaaxy that include in Wealthy Affiliate.

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Jaaxy The Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that powered by Wealthy Affiliate. All the of the Wealthy Affiliate member using Jaaxy to do their keyword research.

Non Wealthy Affiliate member also can use Jaaxy to do their keyword search in order to determine the best keyword that they could use for their content creation.

Let’s do some keyword search and I’ll explain more about Jaaxy later.

Insert the keyword that you want to research above. Let say your website is about AKG earphones and you want people to find you under this keyword “AKG earphones price”.

Insert the keyword “AKG earphones price” into the Jaaxy keyword search above and click “Find Keywords” Then, you’ll be brought to this page:

(Source: Jaaxy)

You need to have Jaaxy account in order to use Jaaxy. Either you register yourself in Wealthy Affiliate to get Lite Jaaxy account or you created a separate account only for Jaaxy.

Anyway, let’s move on. If you don’t have Jaaxy account yet, you can register by filling the form above.

(Source: Jaaxy)

After you’ve created your Jaaxy account, at the top right corner you’ll see the “Starter” there which means you’re a Starter Membership in Jaaxy.

There has several pricing plan and bonus if you register within Wealthy Affiliate but I’ll go into detail about this later.

Let’s continue research the keyword “AKG earphones price” on Jaaxy.

If you notice in the middle of the Jaaxy above, you only have 30 trial searches. This should be more than enough if you just getting started.

Enter the keyword again into the search box and click “Find Keywords”. 

(Source: Jaaxy)

As you can see in the image above, there has a lot of other keywords including the keyword that you’re typing of earlier.

Here you can see the Avg, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO and Domains. The important indicator here is the Avg and QSR.

  • Avg = Average monthly search for a specific keyword
  • QSR = Competition pages in Google

So, to get a better rank on Google, make sure you pick a keyword that has Avg above 40 and QSR below 300.

To simplify:
Avg > 40
QSR < 300

When you pick a keyword that has Avg higher than 40, most likely they will find your page.

If the keyword has QSR below than 300, most likely the competitor page that using the same keyword is low and easy for you to rank in Google.

Back to the keyword image, you can see that almost all keyword met the requirement. Start by picking the top 5 best keywords which has the highest Avg and lowest QSR.

These are the keywords that I picked according to the image above:

  1. akg earphones price (Avg 277/QSR 24)
  2. akg headphones price (Avg 136/QSR 59)
  3. ibeats earphone price (Avg 107/QSR 0)
  4. bluetooth earphone price (Avg 72/QSR 52)
  5. earphones price (Avg 64/QSR 70)

Top 3 on the list above has Avg above 100 which is good enough for those keywords. The first keyword has Avg 277 which is the most of all.

But, the last 2 on the list has Avg under 100 and low QSR which only has 52 and 70. Seems good but the Avg too low to compare to other 3. You might have some trouble to rank in Google with these keywords.

So, you can use all top 3 keywords or only pick one of those. Let say you want to use all 3 keywords in your content, make sure your content makes sense.

Even though you have very good keyword but the content sounds like a robot and not make any sense, Google won’t recognize you (most probably ignores you).

You can use those 3 keyword to make price comparison.

Nowadays AKG earphones price has dropped significantly so everyone can have a high-quality earphone with a budget price. But, AKG headphones price getting higher since they want to show that their headphones are premium headphones and better than other. On the other hand, the iBeats earphone price also dropped significantly due to the loss in popularity and over-produced.

See, you can use 3 keywords in 1 paragraph in your content. So, when your website has been indexed and rank in Google, each time people search 1 of 3 keywords, they might find your website.

Easy right?

Want To Do More Keyword Research?

But you only have 29 attempts left. So, how to do more research because in meantime the 30 free trials will use up. Hmm.

(Source: Jaaxy)

Well, you can pay for Pro Membership only for Jaaxy. But I would not recommend it since you can get a lot of benefits if you become Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only have UNLIMITED SEARCH access in Jaaxy, you also have UNLIMITED KNOWLEDGE in the Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me share a bit of the advantages of being Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:

  1. You get 2 main training that focuses entirely on affiliate marketing, keyword, content, etc
  2. You have access to 11 more classrooms that talk about SEO, Google, Social Media, etc
  3. Get whole support from community and owner of the Wealthy Affiliate
  4. Get free site building and monitoring platform with SiteRubix
  5. And many more…

Learn more – Wealthy Affiliate – My Deep And Detailed Review

“Nah, I just want to use Jaaxy. No need Wealthy Affiliate”

Well, you can upgrade to the Pro Membership if you want to get more search attempt but you’ll lose the benefit of being Wealthy Affiliate member that also comes with unlimited search attempt in Jaaxy.

Okay, here’s the price in case you want to upgrade to Jaaxy’s Pro Membership.

(Source: Jaaxy)

So, that’s it for this article. I hope this keyword search helps you a bit on how you can use those keywords in your content and get rank.

This article might not really perfect, but if you have any question, leave them below. I’ll reply to your question as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and good luck.


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