How To Create An Amazing Free Blog Under Than A Minute

Planning on creating a blog for your affiliate marketing? Don’t know how to properly create a good blog?

After choosing a niche, the next step you need to have a blog. This is because you can convey your words to your reader through a blog. So, creating a blog is a must especially for an affiliate.

In this article, I’ll show you how to create a blog for free with SiteRubix. Before I go deeper, I want to show you 6 basic things that you need to understand before creating a blog.

6 Basic Things You Need To Know Before Creating A Blog

In creating a blog, there have several things that can’t be avoided. I’m using my site, Article Affiliate, as an example to briefly explain those basic things.

  • Blog Name – This is the name for your blog. Article Affiliate is the name for this blog.
  • Domain Name – is the domain name. Domain name is a unique address for your blog.
  • Web Hosting – Server than store and save your blog data. For Article Affiliate, I use SiteRubix as hosting.
  • Publishing Platform – A software that let you publish content to your blog. Article Affiliate uses
  • Theme – Your blog appearance. For this site, I use Tortuga theme from ThemeZee.
  • Plugin and Widget – You can find a lot of plugins and widgets in But choose wisely because too much plugin and widget in your blog can slow down the page speed.

Let’s get started. The process on creating a blog follows these 3 steps:

  1. Choose A Proper Domain Name For Your Blog
  2. Setting Up Your Blog With SiteRubix &
  3. Install Recommended Plugin

1. Choose A Proper Domain Name For Your Blog

Choosing a proper domain name is not an easy task especially the domain name that you want to use already owned by someone else. Even though your preferred domain still available to use, make sure your domain name meets at least 1 of these criteria:

There might be a lot of criteria for choosing the best domain name for a blog, but these 3 criteria are good enough to pick the best domain name.

For example, before I using articleaffiliate as my domain name for this blog, I used meraschool for 2 weeks. Then, I feel like nobody cares about mera (my short name). So, I think I should use a domain name that shows the niche that I want to focus and easy to remember.

So, articleaffiliate meet my criteria which is easy to remember and related to my target niche which is affiliate marketing. However, no one really knows articleaffiliate, so I wouldn’t call it my brand name.

Your Brand Name

You can use your brand or your name for your blog such as especially you already have some credibility in your own field.

For example, you’re a respectable engineer in your country and most of the people in your industries know you. When you want to start your business blog, you can use your name because the people that already admire and know you easily recognize your blog.

That is if you want your blog to focus on your own expertise. If you don’t have any expertise and want to start an online business from scratch, I won’t suggest you use your own name or brand for your domain name.

But that doesn’t mean you should forget about creating a blog. There have 2 more criteria that would help you decide your best domain name.

Short And Easy To Remember

The shorter the domain name, the better. This is because people tend to remember the short word. 

Your blog should have at most 4 to 8 syllable. More that than people might not remember your blog and hard to get revisit from your reader. The word for your domain must have correct spelling and easy to read.

This blog domain name, articleaffiliate has 7 syllables and easy to read. So, people will easily to remember this domain.

Related To Your Selected Niche

Your domain should show what your selected niche. So, people will know what your article is all about. For example, you want to start a pet niche blog, your domain might be “” or “”. This clearly shows what your blog is targetting too.

Articleaffiliate, shows clearly that the blog is about affiliate marketing. This is because affiliate marketing is my target niche so that anyone that wants to know about affiliate marketing, they can tell that my blog might have something that they search for.

So, what is your domain name? If you already decided what your domain name is, you can insert your preferred domain in the SiteRubix plugin below and continue creating your blog.

If you have a problem with deciding the domain name, feel free to ask me or leave a comment below.

2. Setting Up Your Blog With SiteRubix And

By now you should already have a domain and a blog after register in the SiteRubix plugin. Next thing to do is set up your blog in through SiteRubix.

What Is SiteRubix And How It Helps

SiteRubix is a web hosting provider that store and keeps your blog data and at the same time give you an access to software as a publishing platform.

SiteRubix also offers a free blog with .siterubix subdomain. So, the moment you insert your domain in plugin above, you’ll be brought to the SiteRubix and directly to the site building platform.

Then, with a few click, you will have an access to This is because has been installed in SiteRubix platform, so you don’t need to do the installation process.

Access Through SiteRubix

create website login SiteRubix

By clicking on the Login Now button above, you’ll be automatically log in to the

Inside your will look like this. On the left bar, you can access a lot of things that could give a major effect on your blog.

You can create some content on your blog through Posts and Pages. For Appearance tab, you can choose and modify the theme of your blog to give a nice look. Plugin tab is a place where you will install some recommended plugin needed in your blog.

3. Install Important Plugins

Plugins are important for your blog to make your blog easy to navigate and improve blog performance. But, too many plugins will slow down your blog speed. So, make sure to install the required and important plugin only.

These are 2 plugins that I really recommend you to use for your blog:

  1. All In One SEO
  2. EWWW Image Optimizer

All In One SEO will help you to boost your blog for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When your blog has a good SEO, your blog will rank easily in Google and people easier to find your blog.

EWWW Image Optimizer will optimize your image size and resolution. In the beginning, you might think EWWW Image Optimizer not really help much but the moment your blog has a lot of images, your blog will slow down and this image optimizer can fix your image size and resolution while speed up your blog.

If you already created a blog with SiteRubix, these 2 plugins already show up in your plugins section. So, install and activate these plugins.

Have Trouble On Creating A Blog?

With these 3 steps, your blog should be ready by now. But your blog might be naked since there has no content at all. So, the next step is to fill your blog with the content about things that you want to share.

In the next article, I’ll show you how to create a good content that can be ranked in Google and attract your reader to engage with your blog. At the same time, your reader might buy a product through your affiliate links.

Anyway, I hope this article help you how to create a blog easily without any hassle. But, if you have any question, just leave the comment below and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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