Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

Can you really make $519 per day after spending 5 minutes and 17 clicks to set up your money making system within Five Minute Profit Sites? Or is it just another scam that sucks your money into their pocket?

Five Minute Profit Sites claimed that you could exploit the $12.3 million loophole and make $519 per day by using their “free license” done-for-you software. A software that gives you a free money-making website with just 5 minutes and 17 clicks.

Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

Well, you could tell easily that this is a scam program since it is not easy to make so much money in a short period of time. And there is no way they will give you a “free license” software that helps them make so much money.

But, I don’t want to jump into conclusion blindly without any evidence and logical explanation. So, in this review, I’ll show you the detailed process of how Five Minute Profit Sites could help you (if it’s not a scam) make $519 per day.


Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

Program Name: Five Minute Profit Sites
Price: $37 + Upsells (total $655)
Owner: Sam Smith
My Recommendation: NO, It’s a scam


Five Minute Profit Sites is a program that promise to help you make money. They claimed that you could exploit $12.3 million loopholes and make $519 per day with under 5 minute and 17 clicks.

You don’t need to have any skills, experience and no matter how old are you, you can use this program to make money online. Fear not, they also said that this program 100% legal & ethical since they are helping you to make money through affiliate marketing which is totally legal.

The registration cost is $37 per month even though they non-stop talking about “free license” software. This is the first fraud clue that makes this program looks like a scam program. Well, let’s move on.

Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

With $37 registration cost, you’ll be provided with the done-for-you websites. Those websites are being created through 3 steps which takes 5 minutes and 17 clicks. You need to have ClickBank account and register the free trial of email service setup, Aweber.

That’s is on the surface part of this program which has been told in their video. The most important part is the hidden part which might cost you a lot if you want to make money with this program.

Hidden Truth Of This Program

This is the important part that you need to take a deep look. Consider this as a warning for you to avoid buying this program. Five Minute Profit Sites is one of the ClickBank product, so I’ve access to the resources that they provide to affiliate marketer to sell this program.

Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

And, what I’ve found in their resources site, they have 4 level of upsells which cost more than the starting cost. FMPS Software is the price that you’ll be paid for the first time when buying this program. The software will generate done-for-you websites for you.


Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

Then, after you got into their program, you’ll be upsold with 4 more systems that promise you to make a lot of money online. The total cost you’ll need to pay for this program is $655.

The sad part is, you are most likely need to buy all complete system in order to make at most $519 per day as they claim earlier. This is because, the last system that shown in the image above which is the traffic training, is the most important part to make money online.

Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?I didn’t say that you might not get any training for traffic generation to sell the product from your done-for-you website. They just give the basic training which you can found anywhere on the Internet and it’s OUTDATED!

Let me share to you 1 Youtube video from Ipoop Cash that shows the training provided inside of Five Minute Profit Sites.

You’ll be surprised that you need to pay 1 more thing to make the system works for you which is the email service setup, Aweber. What’s wrong with Aweber and why you need to pay for this email service setup?

Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?Aweber is an email marketing software that helps marketers to automatically collect the customer data. Marketers also can use Aweber to automatically blast information to their customer through email.

So, Five Minute Profit Sites force you to sign up for Aweber because they want you to collect the customer data. Then, you can frequently blast the information to the customer.

That’s nothing wrong with Aweber and almost all affiliate marketer around the world suggests you to have email marketing software to collect customer data. But, Five Minute Profit Sites doesn’t tell you that you need to PAY AT LEAST $19 PER MONTH for Aweber service.Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program? So, this adds up the total cost you need to spend if you want to make money with this program. If you do some research on email marketing software or email autoresponder, you’ll find a lot of cheaper services that similar and reliable as Aweber.

Why you need to pay extra $19 per month since you have other alternatives that suitable for newbies such as MailChimp and SendinBlue which is way cheaper than Aweber. (Well, I guess they want to make money from Aweber affiliate since they told you to register on their website…hehe).

Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?Everything you buy in the Five Minute Profit Sites program is not totally owned by you especially your “done-for-you” websites. Well, that’s nothing wrong with it since you just want to make consistent money every day as they promise, right?

If you’ve noticed, they never mention that your “done-for-you” websites are totally owned by you and you can change the domain to secure the website. This is because those domains for all “done-for-you” website is fully owned by them.

Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

And, if suddenly your website got a lot of traffic and makes you a lot of money, they’ll retrieve that website and never give back to you. They want to utilize the traffic on their own. They can sell anything to the traffic that comes to your website.

If that’s really going to happen, you got nothing to help you make money consistently every month and leave you to pay the monthly subscription for the program and Aweber.


What, you still want to know more? Well, now I’ll show you how you supposed to make money with Five Minute Profit Sites.

They use affiliate marketing and you might already know how affiliate marketing works, right. You make money when someone buys your promoted product through your affiliate links.

You need to do a lot of things to be successful with affiliate marketing. You need to have a website, know to attract traffic organically or paid, know the best keyword to rank better in Google and many more.

The best things are, you can skip at least half of hard works which are creating a website (well, actually creating a website is totally easy nowadays…hehe) and finding “the best” way to attract traffic.


Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

After you make the first payment, $37, you’ll have access to their “free license” software that let you create the “done-for-you” websites. You’ll need to register ClickBank account. This is because you’ll sell ClickBank products on your “done-for-you” websites.

But, the websites you get are nothing compare to a full-fledged website that generates thousands even millions dollar a month. This is because your websites are just sales pages contains a sales video talking about the product you’re trying to sell.

Well, sales pages are good because they’re a very high converting site. But, they lack trustworthiness and credibility. People that come across your website will not buy the product on the spot. They want to know other things related to the product that you sell.

So, it would be better if you have at least a blog on your website. People will come to your blog and read anything related to the product you’re trying to promote and their trust about the product will increase. This will increase your chance to get a sale.


Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

Now you have a website from Five Minute Profit Sites. Next thing you need to do is bring a lot of traffic to your website. When a lot of traffic come into your website, some of them “might” buy the product that you’re trying to sell.

A lot of ways to get traffic to your website. And luckily, you’ll have an access to various of OUTDATED ways of getting traffic to your website. Well, if you’ve watched the video I’ve shared earlier, you’ll understand the traffic generation that they teach you.

You have to pay in total $600+ to the program if you want to learn current techniques on getting traffic such as Search Engine Optimization, media social marketing, paid marketing, etc.

So, that’s how Five Minute Profit Sites actually works and a lot of flaws in this program. The real ways to make money online through affiliate marketing is through marketing funnel which involves 3 types of people coming to your sites.

Here’s a brief explanation on marketing funnels.

Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

Marketing funnel follows this flow. Your customers will need to KNOW you first. At first they know what you are trying to sell. Then, they will study about you and your product until they LIKE you and your product.

After that, you need to keep giving values to them such as tips, cheat sheet or whatever that improve their life until they TRUST you and your product can solve their problem. And, they’ll buy your product when they’re ready.

The best thing with marketing funnel is when your customers follow the flow (most of them will) and buy your product for the first time, and they feel satisfied with the product and your service, next time you want to sell something, they’ll the first to buy from you.

People tends to buy a product from someone they know.

So, now you know Five Minute Profit Sites works, right.


Do I recommend this program to you as a beginner in making money online? Hell NO! 

Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

This program full of flaws and just taking out a lot of your money before you’re really making any money. The first month, you need to pay $37 and almost impossible to make at least $10 with the training they provided.

Then, 2nd month using the program, you need to pay at least $56 including Aweber subscription. And still, you can’t make any money. Like I said earlier, you need to buy at least all the system in the program to make it works.

It is because the traffic generation technique in last the upsell is the most important. I like the way they created a free website for us. The promotional video on the website is very good and convincing. But the traffic generation strategies are way too outdated.

Nonetheless, the price for upsells crazily high and you’ve no guarantee that you’ll make money through this program as they said in their liability disclaimer.

So, forget this program and learn the proper way to make money online through affiliate marketing.


“If I forget the Five Minute Profit Sites, how can I make a living online? I need to have consistent money…hmm”

Don’t worry. Actually, if you put some effort on finding legit ways to make money online on the Internet, you’ll found dozens about it.

But, can you get proper training and mentorship with the other program? Most likely, you won’t.

So, if you truly want to learn how to make money online as an affiliate, just click the image below. It’ll bring you to my landing page talks about the affiliate marketing training that helps me making money online.

Thanks for reading this article. If you’ve any questions, feel free to leave them below.

Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or $519/Day Program?

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