CB Cash Code Review: Scam Or $8,122.24/Day CB Training Program?

CB Cash Code is a program that guides you to make money online using CB (ClickBank). In the promotional video (you can search it by yourself), he said that they make so much money with ClickBank.

George Patterson, the owner of the CB Cash Code makes more than $80,000+ in A SINGLE MONTH! It’s too much money a person can make in a month. Well, he can make over almost $1million per year and be a millionaire only with so-called “secret” platform which is ClickBank.

Well, that’s if he truly makes at least $80,000 per month, right? In the promotional video, he said you could make much money with ClickBank too, is it true?

I’ll reveal what’s the show in the promotional video and what’s inside the program. I’ll give my own thought either this program is a good start for newbies like you and me or not. I’ll go through the article according to the list of content below.


CB Cash Code Review: Scam Or $8,122.24/Day CB Training Program?

Program Name: CB Cash Code
Website: thecbcashcode.com
Price: $37 + Upsells (total $381)
Owner: George Patterson
My Recommendation: NO, It’s legit but WAY TOO OVERPRICED for a basic product.


In any program available online, marketers will share the surface part in their sales page. They tend to cover the hidden part until their client or customer buys the products. This is because they don’t want their customer to know the flaws and upsells in their program.

So, it’s pretty common to see some program will need a little amount of money to pay for the first time. This is because they want people to know that their program is good for the price.

But, once you’re inside their program, they’ll upsell the upgraded program that promises you can make a double and triple amount of money. In this way, they can make a lot of money especially the upsell is a really high price.

So, what about CB Cash Code? Well, let’s take a look on this program surface part that is shown in their promotional video.

Surface Part Of CB Cash Code

George Patterson said that he makes $80,000+ in a month just using 1 “secret” site, ClickBank. He said in the video that almost NO ONE knows about ClickBank and industry giants never knew about ClickBank.

So, he encourages you to take action now before the “giants” take over the ClickBank and make millions with it. To succeed through Clickbank, you only need to have a good internet connection, 10 minutes to spend and most importantly the desire to become EXTREMELY wealthy.

Just follow his step and you’ll change your life in a day since a lot of the program’s member already make their first money with ClickBank on DAY 1. You’ll be bypass all the complicated things that often occur in affiliate marketing using his technique.

And you’ll listen to a long emotional-driven video talks about how bad you are in life and how bad he is long ago with breast cancer and so on. Well, the emotional-driven sales pitch is a good marketing strategy because most of the people buying product base on their emotion.

CB Cash Code Review: Scam Or $8,122.24/Day CB Training Program?

But, what’s makes this program seems like a trash is THERE IS NOTHING about how you can make money with his program. He never shows you what exactly the program is. And he never told you that he teaches you to do AFFILIATE MARKETING.

If you notice in the video, he shows his income $80k+ in ClickBank Master Account, right? ClickBank Master account is only for the product owner. So, he creates a few products and sells in ClickBank. Then, affiliate marketer like you and me promoting his product which makes him more money!

And the saddest part is, you’ll be taught how to make money as an affiliate marketer in ClickBank and not as product owner! That’s why you don’t need other things except for 3 criteria which are 10 mins, internet connection and desire.

To make money with ClickBank Master account, you need to have a product. And to create a product, you need to have tremendous knowledge in certain niche since ClickBank mostly sells knowledge products.

But, it doesn’t mean you can’t make money with ClickBank as an affiliate marketer since a lot of them making so much money every month. Just, the way this program shows in their sales video totally different on what you’ll learn.

The part that he said ClickBank is “a secret” site to make money is not a secret at all. There’s a lot of affiliate marketer making thousands even millions per month with ClickBank. So, it’s not a secret site. And you can just sign up whenever you want.

How about the price of the program? Well, you guess it. He charged $37 for very basic information about affiliate marketing. Totally not worth it.

CB Cash Code Review: Scam Or $8,122.24/Day CB Training Program?

And you know, when you want to close the sales page, there has notification to make you stay. If you choose to stay, you’ll be served with $10 DISCOUNT page for this product. What?? It’s so easy to get people to buy your product by cutting down the price so easily?

I don’t know who’ll buy this program but I assume you won’t buy it since you’re searching for the review about this product, right? hehe

So, that’s what you’ll know about the surface on this program. Let’s take a breathe and dive in on the untold part of this program.

Untold Truth About CB Cash Code

Inside the product, you’ll be given 4 PDF ebooks tells all the tips and tricks that George Patterson use to make money with ClickBank. Wow, those 4 ebooks must be good, right? Well, nope.

All those ebooks only tell very generic information about ClickBank, affiliate marketing, traffic generation through paid ads, content creation and personal branding. Those pieces of information you can find everywhere on the Internet.

Well, at least he put together in a program, right? Yes but still not worth to buy since a lot of affiliate training program offer free access to such pieces of information. Let me share to you a Youtube video from Ipoop Cash about the ebooks in this program.

So, what are 4 ebooks in the program

  1. CB Cash Code – basics of ClickBank and affiliate marketing
  2. ClickBank Cash Pro – traffic, paid ads and keyword
  3. ClickBank Book Plus – social media marketing
  4. Cash Code Secret Method – personal branding

This program teaches you a lot of things about affiliate marketing but the problem is, those ebooks are too general. To be successful in affiliate marketing especially selling ClickBank products, you don’t need to do all the traffic generation techniques that this program suggest.

Some can be very successful with free traffic generation such as Search Engine Optimization only. Others can make money in affiliate marketing through FB ads. Just focus on 1 technique and you’ll succeed in no time.

The ebooks are so general which doesn’t include a specific procedure on what you should do in affiliate marketing. Most of the time, you’ll need to figure out yourself and need to do some more research on the Internet.

If you need to do some more research on the Internet, why wasting your money to buy this program, right?

Well, you can make money if you buy their upsells. You’ll be surprised that you need to over $100+ for the upsells. Let me show you.

CB Cash Code Review: Scam Or $8,122.24/Day CB Training Program?

After you make the first payment, $37, you’ll be brought to this first upsell page which cost you $197. This upsells claims that you can double your profits. Once you purchase this first upsell, you unconsciously increase the profits earned by them from you.

CB Cash Code Review: Scam Or $8,122.24/Day CB Training Program?

Wait! You will make $10,000 per day by using Facebook if you buy this program. Wow, $10,000 per day? Is it really possible? Well, you already know it’s totally hard for a beginner to make that much money simply buying this program.

The second upsell claims that he makes $10,000 a day using Facebook. The upsell cost $147.

As usual, when there has some upsells to the main product, you might not be making much money with the main product alone. You need to buy all the upsells to make consistent money every month.

For this program, if you want to buy this program and want to make money, you need to spend $381 for all 3 product in this product. The main product, $37, the first upsell, $197 and the second upsell, $197.

The worst thing is, once you buy all the product in this program, you still not making money in your first month or first year. You just wasting $381 for a crap program which not making you any money.

Fortunately, the payment is not recurring. So, you just pay once and you get access to the products in this program.


Let’s say you want to buy and try this program, you must be wondering how to use this program to make money, right?

This program using affiliate marketing strategies to make money. Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to make money online legally. Just grab the affiliate link, promote the link in media social, blog or on Youtube and make money when someone buys the product through that link.

So, through this program, you’ll be taught on basic affiliate marketing concept and how to register ClickBank account which you can do it right now on ClickBank website. The pick the best product to promote according to Gravity, Popularity, etc.

Then, after you’ve picked the product that you want to sell, you need to do some traffic generation. You’ll learn about general information on traffic generation from 2 ebooks which are CB Cash Pro and CB Book Plus.

Promote the affiliate link that you’ve got from ClickBank to any traffic source that will be taught in those 2 ebooks.

But, the best way to do affiliate marketing is using a blog. The Cash Code Secret Method teaches you how to create a blog to create your personal brand. Surprisingly, this ebook is so good at giving a free guide for money!

Honestly, all the pieces of information in the ebooks are good enough for someone that willing to pay much money for free information. I not saying these ebooks are bad because the pieces of information are correct. It’s just the information aren’t deep enough to helps you make money with affiliate marketing.

So, there you have it. This is how you can make money with CB Cash Code. But the chances for you to make money almost zero since the information are too generic and almost all people in this world have access to that information for free on the Internet.


Well, if you’ve read all the things above, you already understand why I’m not suggesting you to buy CB Cash Code program. But, in case you miss it, I’ll show you again briefly all the bad things I’ve found in this program.

  1. The low-quality ebooks sold at a high price.
  2. Unreasonable high price upsell for 1 or 2 techniques.
  3. There is no guarantee that you’ll make money as stated at their disclaimer.
  4. Lies about a secret site which is not secret at all.
  5. Emotional-driven sales page which not inform anything about the program.
  6. Discount bait page in order to make customer buys this program.
  7. PDF guides make beginner hard to understand step by step process.

But, there are a few things I like about this program which are one-off payment (no recurring subscription) and the real general information in the ebooks. At least this program doesn’t give fake information. It’s just not enough to get started.

CB Cash Code Review: Scam Or $8,122.24/Day CB Training Program?

So, is it worth to try? My opinion is NOPE.

You can find a lot of affiliate marketing guide on the Internet and on this website. So, do some research on affiliate marketing and ClickBank or just click the banner at the end of this article.


The only way for a beginner to make money with ClickBank is through affiliate marketing. Selling ClickBank product as an affiliate marketer. When someone buys the product through your affiliate link, you’ll get commissions.

But, how to do it properly? There are a lot of people making money with ClickBank. So, how to make money with ClickBank in this era?

Well, you can take a look on Wealthy Affiliate, the affiliate training platform that teaches you a lot of things about affiliate marketing. The training is in the video so you’ll be easy to understand each course.

All the information that CB Cash Code compile in 4 ebooks can be access freely in Wealthy Affiliate. You can try free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and have access to 20 training video that explains briefly about niche, products, traffics and keyword.

So, click the picture below and you’ll redirect to my recommended training platform.

CB Cash Code Review: Scam Or $8,122.24/Day CB Training Program?

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