How To Create A High-Quality Keyword-Focused Content

Picking a niche, done…

Creating a blog, done…

Now, the things that need to be done is creating the first content for the blog. Creating a content is the only way for you to deliver the message to your reader.

Most of you might not really know where to start especially when writing the first article. You might feel anxious about whether your first article is good enough for people to read.

Imagine, you’ve done your first 5 pages article, suddenly after proofreading the article on your own, you feel your first article is no good. Feeling doubtful that your first article is good or not.

So, how actually to create a good high-quality content without feeling anxious about your first article? Don’t worry, in this article, I will show you how to create a good high-quality content for your blog.

Why Should You Have A High-Quality Content In Your Blog?

Creating a random content is easy but creating good content that let people read from start until the end is very hard. So, this is the first main reason why you should deliver a high-quality content to your reader.

Well, there is a lot of other reason why you should create a high-quality content. But here are the main reasons that you should take note when creating a content:

1. Attract your reader to read your content from the beginning until the end.
2. Make the reader feel that your content really helps them in many ways.
3. Establish trust within your reader toward your blog – loyal reader.
4. Make your blog rank better in the search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
5. Let your reader feel free to buy something from your blog through affiliate links.

For me personally, the reasons 2,3 and 5 are the most important and help your affiliate marketing business to grow bigger. When your readers trust your blog, they will become loyal readers and will support your blog.

This will make your blog rank better in Google since they find that your blog good and useful. So, your reader might buy something from affiliate link that you’ve attached together with your article.

Again, how to create a good content?

Using Keyword To Create A Content

When you’re trying to search for some information in Google, you’ll type in a keyword, right?

Let say you want to know about what is the best smartphone that you can buy, you’ll type in keyword “best budget smartphone 2018”. Then Google will list out all the blog that relevant to your keyword.

So, that’s the keyword. You can use the keyword to start a content. This will make your content more searchable within Google since people keep searching the keyword that you include in your content.

But, how to determine the searchable keyword? I’ll show you how to use Google Instant to identify the keyword that people often search in your niche

Above is how Google Instant works. When you trying to type in some keyword to Google Search, Google will show some top suggestion that people keep searching in a specific niche in Google.

For example, when you type in “cat food” keyword in Google Search, Google Instant shows top suggestion that people keep searching on Google. So, you can create an article for each keyword suggestion.

You can use the keyword “cat food amazon” that shows up in the Google Instant above in your article. But, make sure the keyword included in your post title or first paragraph.

Are you searching for the best cat food in the Amazon? Here are some of the review for every top cat food in Amazon. Hope this article will help you decide which cat food suitable for your sweetie.

Above are an example of the first paragraph that using  “cat food amazon” keyword.

Type Of Content For Blog Beginner

What kind of content that you want to start with?

There have dozens of type of content that people write in their blog. But, for a beginner, I would suggest a few types of content that easy to write but powerful.

These are 3 type of content that I would recommend you start with:
1. Product Review
2. List-type Content
3. How To Content

1. Product Review

Almost every product that sold in this world especially the branded one will have at least 1 product review in any blog. Product review is the most popular type of content and helps the readers to pick the best product.

These days, there has too much product in 1 specific niche. For example, the cat food niche, there has dozens of them. People want to pick the best one for their kitties, they’ll look for a review from the Internet.

So, you can create a review content with the product that you already know.  Let say you want to start a cat niche blog, you can do a product review on all cat food that your cat has tried.

Then, link out your Amazon affiliate link to let your reader buy the product. If they buy, you’ll get the commission from Amazon.

Simple, isn’t it?

2. List-type Content

“5 Ways Your Cat Shows Their Affection”

“7 Food Your Cat Would Like”

“5 Things Cats Really Hate”

These kinds of contents also popular and easy to write. Do some research about your niche, pick some keyword through Google Instant and write your content based on research that you’ve done.

For example, the keyword for “cat food Amazon” that show up in the Google Instant, you can use it to do this list. But remember, do some research about the content that you’re about to write. For this case, research about cat food that available on Amazon.

You can include others review of the product, rating and anything related to that product. Then make a list-type content with the post title “7 Best Cat Food That Available On Amazon”.

Get the idea?

3. How To Content

How to content is another type of content that also popular among blogger. It is an educational post which teaches people. Most people have something that they don’t know how to do this and that.

For example, in cat niche, there must be some people that don’t know how to make a homemade food for their cat. So, they’ll search through the Internet on “How To Cook For Cat” content.

So, you can use this type of content for your blog within your niche too. Just do some research on the topic that you want to talk about, then write How To content to your blog.

Complete Your Blog With First Content

Those 3 types of content should be more than enough to get started with. You can start with all of them or just focus on 1 type. Now you know how to start writing your first content for your blog.

You can learn more about creating content from Wealthy Affiliate. They have a lot of training and courses specifically on content creation. You can start now for FREE.

Hope this article will help you to create your first content. Thanks for reading until the end. If you have any question, feel free to leave them below. I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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