About Merazmi

Have you ever wonder, who is creating the ArticleAffiliate.com?

Why ArticleAffiliate.com was created?

What ArticleAffiliate.com trying to achieve?

All your doubt and questions will be answered in this article.

The person behind ArticleAffiliate.com is me, Merazmi.

My Story As Online Marketer…

A little bit story about me. My name is Merazmi and I am from a small country which is Malaysia.

I am currently in my last year of Bachelor Engineering Technology in Electronics in local private university.

Well as any normal students in this world, you can get some loan or sponsorship from any agency if you did well in your school.

Same as me living my daily life depending on the allowance from loan that have been given by government agency.

But yeah, the allowance did not enough since I lived in urban city with high living cost.

So, I need some alternative ways to make money on my own but did not interrupt my job as students especially the last year period since I need to complete the final year project.

The online business is the one that suitable for me because I have smartphone and laptop.

I do not need to go anywhere as long as I have internet.

Can do the online business at my own room while doing my project assignments.

This last 2 years I have been doing a few online business.

My first business was selling sim cards and earn commission on their referral program.

The best thing is, every time my referrals top up their sim card, I will get some commission.

But this business did not last long since a big pressure from bigger telco company that offering better services.

Next, I did the dropshipping business with local gadget accessories company.

This was where I had my first taste for reaching 4 figure income in just 1 week.

I got my first $1000 sale only in 1 week by selling cheap iPhone cases through Facebook by using Facebook Ads.

The competition of smartphone accessories getting tougher since people can easily get the product anywhere.

Then, I got a new opportunity which was selling local e book and courses as an affiliate.

The e book and courses were about dropshipping from China.

This was my first affiliate marketing business and my most favourable online business because I did not spend too much time dealing customer, just setting up the email follow up list then the system automatically follow up my customer through email.

It was like making money automatically and passively.

So, that is why I am still doing affiliate marketing and I want to share to you, how a total beginner in affiliate marketing or in online business can make money online passively.

Why ArticleAffiliate.com?

I have created ArticleAffiliate.com because I want to share my knowledge and information about affiliate marketing for anyone that trying to get started with their first online business.

Actually, it is very hard for us, normal human being to get good idea on what to do for online business.

Some unknown guy recommended doing dropshipping business.

Some other guy recommended doing Freelancer or Fiverr.

Source: Freelancer.com

But we do not have any knowledge or experience to do all that.

So, the best way that I found to do business online that can give consistent income passively every month is to do affiliate marketing.

Because you do not need any deep experience about anything to get start.

So, ArticleAffiliate.com will try the best to guide you to get start your first affiliate marketing business.

I have decided to put the name of this website as ArticleAffiliate.com because I want to deliver almost all my knowledge about affiliate marketing through article writing.

I do not really know how to create videos and pictures.

So, writing is one for me.

What ArticleAffiliate.com Try To Achieve?

The main objective that ArticleAffiliate.com trying to achieve is to help as many as possible affiliate marketer especially first timer affiliate marketer to get consistent income every month passively in 1 year.

By creating the ArticleAffiliate website, I can share a bunch of information, tips and free training to those who are needed especially those who are fresh graduate students and low wages workers.

I know almost everyone in this world has money problem.

The poor has money problem which is no money to live with, the rich has money problem where they do not know how to spend and afraid of bankruptcy and normal people like us afraid can live comfortably because of economic pressure.

So, at least with a few efforts that I try to share to you will give you chances on how to keep living and at very least can have a lot of time with family without worrying about money problem.

So that is all about me.

Thank you so much for spending so much time to read my story. I am a normal person trying to help normal person like you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,